Monday, June 6, 2011

Farm Tour (Our Back Yard) with a Few Flowers

There really is farming in my blood and an ancestral farm, and we have dabbled in gardens before, but this year, my husband really ripped into it and made a little farm in our city back yard.  It's so heartening to see little green shoots rising from the dirt - we cannot fix some of the things in our life right now, but by gum, we can grow some beautiful things.

Here's a little garden tour, garnered from photos over the last two months.

There were canning jar cloches to protect the bean seedlings. 

There was free topsoil, thanks to a borrowed pick up and Mennonite connections.

Children, dirt, and work go together so well.  I sometimes wish we were raising our children on a farm.

Red raspberry starts from another urban garden (and my husband picked up some black raspberry starts from the free table at church last week).

The excitement over the first tiny beans growing. . .

I love my husband for this: morning glories in coffee cans. . .

to climb up the fire escape. Love it!

And then I put some pots out front to decorate the porch - the only thing in that pot I have grown before is creeping Jenny, so I'm curious to see how they look in a month or two. I'll take more pictures, yes.


  1. It's lovely! I want to see the fire escape when the glories take over.

  2. Yes! Please do post pictures in August. My morning glories were so strange last year. The foliage was very full and hearty and almost obscured the lamp post on which they climbed. But no blooms! Until just before frost, when they fairly exploded in Heavenly Blue.

  3. LOVE the morning glories. And your city beans put my poor, bug-beset farm beans to shame.

  4. Lovely! And I sent you an email, too!

  5. Ah, how awesome. I'd never though of using canning jars as cloches! That is so simple and clever and I have a ton of them around already!

    The morning glories are going to make your stairs just heavenly. Also, a super clever simple idea.

    I hope you growing things take off like gangbusters!

  6. I love the cloches! The coffee cans are also a great idea, though I would have to use cans of beans, instead of coffee. Our coffee comes bagged!

  7. I love the morning glory idea, too!!! makes me wish I had a fire escape!!! I've planted moonflowers in a "vertical garden" that I made from a re-purposed pallet...I can't wait to see how they do!!!

    I love the canning jar cloches, as well...I've often moaned 'bout how spendy the "real" cloches are, and now I can quit complaining and re-purpose the chipped or cracked jars that would otherwise have been sent away for recycling...GREAT idea!!!

  8. Your pictures have heartened me thoroughly! I particular admire the raised beds. Ours never looked that good. The coffee can is ingenious. Why didn't I think of that? :-)

  9. Keep us posted on how things grow. Your pots on the porch are lovely.


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