Saturday, June 18, 2011

Four Different Rhubarb Pies This Spring

Joy of Cooking Pie - just rhubarb with a double crust.  Simple, but I cut the sugar too much - the balance between tart and sweet is hard to find for rhubarb. 

Rhubarb Kuchen - like the peach kuchen from More with Less, only with a bit more sugar.  Still one of our favorite pies.

Jennifer Jo's Rhubarb Cream Pie (it was too hot to take pictures, if I recall)  This was my favorite of the rhubarb pies and I'll be making this again.  It was luscious.  It's very similar to a recipe in Simply in Season, only with more cream.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie - my husband's favorite and really not as fake-strawberry tasting as I feared. 

However, I still flinch at the idea of baking  strawberries. Surely there could be a way of making a thick rhubarb sauce on the stovetop, and then folding in fresh strawberries, putting it all in a baked tart crust and serving chilled.

(It was late in the day and he dropped a bite)

Any other rhubarb pies out there I'm missing?  Beeboppa, reeboppa, rhubarb pie. . .


  1. My mom made a "blubarb" pie this spring with blueberries and rhubarb. Very good!

  2. So glad you liked the pie!

    That picture of B is great, though the possibly implication---that the pie will make children cry---is a little iffy.

    I hate cooking strawberries, too. We'll be on the lookout together, 'kay?

  3. My rhubarb pie is great, but my rhubarb itself is disappointing... all skinny stalks. Am I doint the growing wrong?

  4. JJ, here's what I'm thinking: make a rhubarb sauce on the stovetop in the manner of the sauce for fresh strawberry pie. Then chill it and fold in the fresh strawberries. No more strawberries to experiment with this year, but I'm going to make a mental note to try next spring.

    DB, I've bought and used skinny stalks of rhubarb. I think that's ok. However, my baby rhubarb plant died in last summer's heat, so I don't know anything about growing it!

  5. I've never had or made rhubarb pie. Pass a slice over, please. :-) Rhubarb is not very common down here in TX or the deep south. It would be neat to try some.

    Poor, tired Ben! I've seen that face somewhere around here before....

  6. Pie! Oh, how I do love pie. And the zing of rhubarb is such fun.


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