Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting Into Water

A welcome thunderstorm late in a hot hot day.

 The rain barrels, unattractive, but so beautifully useful (compost on the left).  The water smells like rotten eggs to me, but it's free rainwater so I'm not complaining.

 In the $5 sprinkler with friends.

Down to the crick at the farm.

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Beth said...

Compost and rain barrels, wonderful. We composted when we lived in Ohio but when we moved to the south, we rented a house that didn't really allow for it.

We recently purchased a house and now I happily put the scraps in a bucket and have my husband take things out to the compost area he created!

Free water is wonderful too!

Lisa said...

How refreshing that looks!

Polly said...

Yay rain! We are desperate for some. This dry spring is not good.

Love that first photo of Ben. It is just wonderful!