Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Genevieve Repurposes Stuff

First she made a vest for her brother from a sheet of newspaper and yarn.  My husband says it was as if she was bitten by the idea -   I was reminded of the time I, as a child, cut a hole in a fabric rectangle and put it over my Barbie's head.  Suddenly clothing construction was illuminated for me and I had a startling glimpse of the possibilities.  My Barbie wore many such tops and dresses after that, belted with ribbons and yarn.

Then Genevieve turned her burst of creativity to her drawer of hair things.  Lana and her doting mother, decked out in hair things.

Jasmine and her mother.  (My husband, newly educated by me and my drooling on etsy, pointed out that Genevieve has made herself a fascinator). 

Joey the pink bear and his mother.

She carefully loaded her bike and took her babies for a ride.

Play basket filled with babies on the back, dolly in the brake lines in front.

Again I am convinced that all children need is time, not toys. They will make their own.


  1. Love it! I love fascinators, too.

    Totally agree on your toy philosophy. Have a blog post in the queue about Finn creating a house out of trash. Fabulous!

  2. I really appreciate your take on children's creative imaginative spirits. I've found it quite disheartening to see how stunted the imaginations are of a few certain children I interact with who spend a lot of time watching TV and playing with electronic-based children's toys. Without those things they are almost lost for playing direction. I can clearly see that isn't the case for your children. Hip-hip-hooray for imagination play!

  3. Sweet AND fashionable. Animal and baby couture, I love it!


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