Monday, February 14, 2011


He hung up my $5 bulletin board from A's creative reuse shop.  Put a heart on it for me.  Love.

And actually, after this photo was taken, he hung the bike on a wall because I insisted I wanted the floor space.

Genevieve made valentines for her preschool class - a joy to her, who makes cards and gifts for everybody using scraps from the paper recycling bin and advertising circulars.  I bought plain heart cards and envelopes  because I wasn't sure her classmates would get her artistic vision otherwise.

I snitched a plain canvas bag from my dad, who didn't care, and decorated it so she could carry her valentines in style. 

One heart pocket on the outside, a jean's pocket on the inside.  A ruffle stitched around the top.  That was nice sewing therapy

Even though I'm not the kind of mother who thinks "holiday + kids = special craft", Ben and I baked heart cookies this morning.  It was wonderful fun because he was so happy and dextrous and surprisingly willing to let me guide him.  I'm going to make pink Italian Meringue for the top.


Jacinta said...

Aww too cute. Love the simple heart on the board. :)

Tracy said...

Nice bulletin board! It looks like new- not like it was from a reuse shop.
And the heart? Definitely a nice touch!

Genevieve's Valentine's are adorable, as is her carrying bag.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big holiday crafting sort myself, but I "heart" that canvas bag. So cute!

BLD in MT said...

That sort of sweet heart-on-the-bulletin board gesture makes me happy.