Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fast and Easy Diaper Soakers

An (Embarrassing) Progression of Realizations:

1.  Ben's pajamas are wet in the morning, unless he's wearing a random Pull-up.
2.  I should buy Pull-ups because I can't keep up with the pee-stinky laundry (wait, I have lots of excellent reasons for using cloth, not disposables!!).
3.  Wait, what if his cloth diapers could absorb more?
4.  Like, what if I bought soakers?  ohhhhhhhh, SOAKERS.

Very rapid progression from stuffing cloth wipes in his diapers to online research to sewing machine, where I proudly whipped out 7 of these babies:  now I can keep up with the laundry!

(Construction & Usage:  5-7 layers of flannel or knit pants - the occasional towel scrap too;  cut in a bell shape; straight stitch 1/2" from edge; zigzag edges together;  ugly but good at their job - put the bell upside down on the little boy's fire hose, so the wide part of the bell is where it's needed the most)

The real question is this:  how did I make it to my secondborn's third year before I heard of soakers and needed them?  What else am I missing in life?


Tracy said...

The last photo sort of reads like an announcement, though I could be wrong...

life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

I was thinking th same thing!! Expecting something?
My fourth child was a bed wetter. best sleeping child I had. Trained during the day by 17 months but wet the bed until she was 10. Could never go to a sleepover or have one here. At 9-10 this is mind bending for the child. At home we just washed sheets. By the time she was 4 she was doing it herself! But I too made flannel pads ( like famine pads) for her. It helped most nights, but as a parent it is frustrating, can't imagine what it is like for the child.

Margo said...

how funny - never occurred to me! No, I'm not expecting. Just documenting the rest of the dresser in the children's room.

Crystal said...

I wonder the same thing sometimes when I 'discover' something. Welcome to the world of doublers! Let me know if you need more. I bought a dozen one time and never needed more than 4-6.

Margo said...

Crys, "doublers." OK, that makes sense too.

Jacinta said...

I'm not sure if I'm missing anything here Margo but your son is already potty trained right? Just wets at night? My nephew has been doing that and he's 4. My SIL gets him up at night for a trip to the loo and then still is wet by the morning. She has no idea what the problem is but he does not want to wear pull ups at night at all. I know she has some sort of absorbent bed mat (like how you get in the hospital) but they cost about $50 to buy here.
My eldest daughter has been potty trained for the past 3 weeks I think but nights she was still wetting herself. Hubby now gets her up for a potty visit before he goes to bed and so far she's been dry in the mornings for the past 3 days! *fingers crossed*

Margo said...

Jacinta, yes, Ben only wears diapers at night and he's not 3 yet. It's my understanding that daytime potty training is something a child has more control over, whereas nighttime potty training is more physical development and a "switch" in the child's brain. So I guess we're just waiting for Ben's switch! Best of luck with your daughter!

It's sooooo nice to have my 5 year old daughter handle everything in the bathroom by herself - she even is attempting to shower alone too (can't always get the shampoo totally rinsed out, though).