Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Cure for Late Winter Wardrobe Blues

Pin a flower at your waist.  Rebecca spotted this idea on a vintage pattern.

The more colorful, the better.  Yesterday felt like spring, today the wind ripped my washline in half and tossed the sheets in the next yard.  We need flowers.

Be sure that you pin it on the hip that is not the resting place for children and boxes and bags, if you pick those things up frequently.

More flowers in the shop - and you can always convo me there for a different colorway.


  1. It's horrible windy here, too. I have two loads of laundry ready to go out, but I'm afraid they'll be blown into the next county if I do.

    That first picture is lovely. The colors are splendid.

  2. Yes. It was beautiful here yesterday! Today it's bitter cold and windy : (
    I love your flower and the outfit - I like the colors of lavender and gray together. Those are great pictures too!

  3. LOVE IT MARGO! The colours are great and you look awesome!! :)

  4. Chocolate & Lime, 2 of my favorites to eat and to wear!!!


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