Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Naked Spring Rolls

I started out to make spring rolls to go with hot and sour soup. . . and realized I was out of spring roll wrappers.  The children were twining around my legs, whining, so in desperation, I mixed up all the stuff I was planning to use for the spring rolls anyway. 

It was GREAT.  As in, so great, I made it again on purpose and we named it:  naked spring rolls.

What I mixed together:

leftover cold rice (but you could use cold noodles)
sliced Chinese cabbage (or regular cabbage)
chopped scallions
grated carrot
chopped cilantro
Hoisin sauce to taste - it's no chore to taste it until you get it right!

We garnished our naked spring rolls with chopped salted peanuts.

Truly, spring roll wrappers don't really have a taste, just a little texture, and my amateur spring rolls were prone to falling apart anyway, so this is a wonderful invention in our house.


Deanna Beth said...

I have seen spring roll "skins" in the supermarket and would like to try making fully-clothed spring rolls sometime, but I am afraid.

Margo said...

DB, honestly I found the wrappers a little strange to work with. I soaked them one at a time in very warm water and then just wrapped the stuff in them. But you can see from the earlier post photos that mine looked messy and they did fall apart. So I think if you like the flavor of spring rolls, you should try this naked version :)

Jacinta said...

I'm going to try something like this tonight with what I have! I did make spring rolls last year for our long drive to go on holiday ... they were tricky but I suppose you just have to learn the knack of it. Because those Vietnamese ladies sure know how to roll and wrap them tight and good!

(PS - I replied to your question about Coles in the comments, just in case you didn't see! :))

Dianna said...

That's a fabulous idea! It sounds like a lot less trouble than actual spring rolls.