Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shoestring Chic #4: 1980s Foulard

My cousin April is in high school and she digs 80s style.  I was in middle school in the 80s, and I have to cover my eyes when I see her baggy dropped shoulders, pegged jeans, bright-on-black florals, and crinkled pastel pink.

But here is an 80s dress I like.  It's foulard, a print often found on ties, in good 80s colors of burgundy, teal, and old gold.  The sleeves are puffed at the shoulder and wrist and it's 100% polyester - Ben kept slipping off my hip as I held him in our usual manner during Sunday singing. (This outfit was church, Sunday dinner with friends, and party for the artists at the consignment shop).

I gave it a sly twist by replacing the burgundy buttons with little plastic mustard-colored stars.  And wearing it with boots.  I do like the blue cardi, too, because I look a bit deathly in burgundy.  I think I can wear 80s style with the high school kids now! 

80s dress:  FREE (from my secret thrifting source)
thrifted blue Gap cardi:  $3
brown tights: $7
my go-to clearance boots: $40
cobalt earrings:  made for me by my sister in law
glass ring, Ten Thousand Villages: $4


  1. because I only have one pair of tall boots :) But yes, I'm sure that's what you'll think when you see boots for a long time to come. . .

  2. The blue sweater looks fantastic on you. There seems to be a lot of pastel coloured cardigans out this year. I love it, just wish they would make them for farmer armed girls!! Our arms are larger from lifting hay bails all the time.

  3. There, now I'm linked up from my post too! Thanks for reminding me!

    I Love your outfit - such a cute dress! I had to look up foulard on wiki. I learned something new today : ) That must have a wonderful feel to it. I can see why Ben was slipping off your hip ; )

    I've been keeping my eye out for cardigans at the thrift stores. I love that they're so versatile.

  4. Love the star buttons! What a fun detail.

  5. Farmgirl, my sister is very muscled because she's athletic and she has the same complaint.

  6. Oh, the 80's. Please don't tell me we'll be wearing those giant dresses with puffy sleeves and Battenburg lace all over the neckline ... I'm not sure I could take it.

  7. or dropped waists or enormous shoulder pads or big bangs.. .
    I actually am surprised I found something from the 80s to love :)

  8. Dear Margo, de-lurking here to say I just found an 80s dress at a West Coast "secret thrifting" source... and am hacking away at it to join you next time in this fun challenge. What a lovely weblog you have created here.

  9. Love those stars. Who would have thought those colors would work so well together?! You did, obviously!

    I'd love to take part in this sometime--after my postpartum life calms down a bit!!!

  10. Fun, fun! I cringe along with you when I remember 80's "style" (can it be called that? remember slouch socks? splatter painted oversized t shirts with those plastic thingies to gather the shirt tight at the waist? eek!). BUT! There is always something redeemable, re-vampable from every fashion era, isn't there?

    Great photos of you! :-)


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