Monday, November 29, 2010

Make-Do Booster

This is our booster seat:

The Word Finder and Thesaurus in their tape-mended box.  We appropriated it from the bookshelves a long time ago when Genevieve decided she wasn't going to sit in the high chair any longer and we hadn't bought a huge plastic contraption.  We looked around for the nearest thing to a telephone book and, lo, it is perfect. 
If I ever found a cute vintage booster for cheap, I would put the books back on the shelf.


BrotherDearest said...

*splutter* but but but, that's not GOVERNMENT approved!!! Your dear children, that our Dear Leader must look out for because you are inept, could possibly fall off that dangerous contraption, and fall-down-go-boom, and get an ouchy... Dear Leader must prevent that from possibly happening, because lord knows, children are totally incapable of healing from fall-down-go-booms, and are also totally incapable of learning from experience. You, as the parent, are also totally incapable of warning your dear child of the pitfalls of squirming or routching around while sitting on said dangerous contraption. Therefore, Dear Leader must step in, and protect your dear children (so that they grow up appreciating Dear Leader more than their parents, and learn to vote for Dear Leader, against all other logic).

Cynical? How DARE you say that about me. I'm calling Dear Leader, to report your less-than-supportive attitude.

Tracy said...

I'm hoping the last commenter was your real brother being facetious.

Hooray for being thrifty and using what you have and making do!

Deanna Beth said...

I sat on Sears catalogues when I outgrew the high chair. Yours is much prettier.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

*Exactly* what we used at my grandparents' house as children. I would love to have the vintage booster that we used in our own home.

Margo said...

Tracy, yes :)