Monday, November 22, 2010

The Dollies Do Not Get Cold

First Genevieve swaddles her dolly Lana in a patchwork quilt I made with my grandmother when I was about 10.

Then Ben puts an extra quilt on.  It's a scrap that my other grandma gave me recently.  She had hand quilted these pre-printed nursery rhymes for my sister and me to sleep under in the pink bedroom we shared.  To look at those white squares with Little Jack Horner and whatnot took me back to how much Melanie and I fought over covers, told stories in the dark, and jockeyed to escape making the bed.  Maybe it was coincidental, but we didn't really become great friends until we stopped sharing a bedroom and I moved out to college.

I bound the scrap and gave it to my children to use for dollies.

Ben told me this morning that he wanted to hold a baby, a baby "wearing a shirt, a vest, and underwear."  Then I reminded my little potty-trainer that babies wear diapers because they don't know how to use the toilet yet.  And he went off to get his front-end loader.



  1. Oh, how sweet the quilts are - and your children! I miss the young days of my kids - but last night my 12-yr-old and 8-yr-old brought out a bin filled with old Fisher-Price Little People, made a village, and played for about an hour. It was wonderful!

  2. There must be a lot of memories in those beautiful little quilts.

    You asked me where I sell the items I's mostly through word of mouth and also alot of sales come through my eldest daughter who works for a large company and holds parties for selling other products. Sometimes, although the extra money's great, the call for what I make becomes a bit hectic, especially this time of year, can't complain too much though.
    florrie x

  3. I love those quilts! Little Bear's dolly, Daisy Belle Baby, is currently working on sitting up with the sometimes unhelpful assistance of LB. After all her hard work, that dolly needs a quilt. P.S. My brother and I didn't become friends until college too.

  4. Both of my boys, now nearly 16 and 20!, played with dolls alongside their sisters and loved every minute of it. Of course the girls played with trucks, too.

    What sweet memories, of sisterhood and grandmas!


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