Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lamb Stew

We split a local lamb with friends Ron and Marilou this year and tonight I made our first supper from it.  I love lamb.  Unbeknownst to my brain, however, my fingers checked yes to the getting the lamb organs.  Ron and Marilou gave their lamb liver away to someone who likes it (according to Joy of Cooking, lamb liver is the most desirable; in my opinion, no liver is desirable).  After a little research, I decided to use the lamb heart along with the other lamb cubes in the Italian-Style Lamb Stew I made from Simply in Season

And I confess it here:  I did not tell my family there was lamb heart in the stew.  I guess I will find out now how often my husband reads my blog!  I was surprised to taste that the heart (I had chopped it smaller just in case it was gross - maybe it would disappear into the sauce if it was small, right?) tasted just like beef.  And really, the stew was delicious with rosemary, red wine, tomatoes, and white beans.   Everyone said so and had seconds.
I served the stew over pasta with bread to mop up the delicious sauce.  Ben garnished his stew with pomegranate arils, but the rest of us used grated parmesan. 

I like the warmth of a tablecloth in winter, but I extend its cleanliness by giving the children wipeable placemats.  Ben still sits on his booster, but he doesn't always wear a bib.  I usually get more exercised about a bib at breakfast when his clothing is clean.


  1. Lamb. I love it roasted, with potatoes and gravy....You're stew sounds delicious!!! I've always been a bit queasy about organ meats, but I know they're nutritionally valuable ; ) I just made a delicious 'Thanksgiving leftovers' soup - like chicken noodle soup, only with turkey and potatoes.

  2. I love a tablecloth in winter, too. Too much canning going on in the summer, and veggies here and there. But, winter? It just feels so cozy with a cloth covering on the table.

  3. Good for you. I think that was a great idea for the heart!
    I would love to acquire a lamb. Once I got my local supermarket to order me a half lamb for Easter and was surprised at how small it was!

  4. I love lamb, but I confess that I have never eaten the organs. Your stew looks delicious, though!

  5. I wish you would come to our house to cook lamb. My husband loves it, but I do not. Or maybe I can send him there on some sort of culinary exchange. Anyway, your stew looks so tasty that it makes me think I might actually like lamb. Or maybe not.

  6. Good for you on being brave to try the heart. I've never had it and would've been a bit nervous, too!


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