Monday, November 1, 2010

The Bear and the Ballerina

The bear and the ballerina played very nicely together, sometimes remembered to say "trick or treat" and "thank you," and went bang to sleep that night even after cotton candy and hot chocolate with the neighbors.
I made Genevieve's tutu and now it's in her dress up suitcase.  I stitched together handfuls of tulle (3 yards total) and then put it inside bias tape for a tie-on tutu.  It's not great workmanship, but it's sturdy and pretty and she loves it.
We were so wholly involved in the occasion, it was only later I realized how poor the pictures are.  Ah well.

You know, I'm not quite sure if I want to be doing something Halloween-ish, if this is the "Devil's Holiday."  I grew up going to church or a barn party on Halloween, with the house totally dark to discourage trick-or-treaters.  But now, as a mother, I have dressed my children in the cheap, easy costumes and trot them around to see the neighbors and the grandparents.  They consume about two pieces of candy before the rest of their bag mysteriously disappears.  We'll see how long this approach lasts.


  1. A holiday is what you make of it. Christmas has many pagan roots, as well as Protestant tie-ins. We pick and choose what historical significance we give it. I think an irrational fear or hatred towards Halloween as some kind of celebration of something evil (hey, candy is evil, depending on how you look at it =) ), is just that: irrational.

    Bravo on making Halloween something the kids can enjoy, and not jumping to irrational conclusions about "just another holiday".

  2. Your trick-or-treat night sounds very similar to ours, although our lion dashed past a kind lady and into her house. We still can't figure out what she was after. But at the end of the night, the lion went to bed and her bag of candy mysteriously disappeared. She hasn't missed it yet, and like you, I hope I can do this for many years to come.

  3. You and me are in the same boat, it appears. I think that now (as of last night) I'm just choosing to see it as a fun evening of dress-up and candy.

  4. For me, countless treasured memories of dreaming up and creating costumes with my mom ... a tradition that I'm trying to continue. Many other cultures have regular celebrations that come with elaborate costumes. I choose to savor this, our only one!

  5. Sweet! We let our kids get dressed up - provided they could costume themselves using stuff here in the house. They did pretty well!

  6. I grew up with the same question - we stopped celebrating Halloween early, and switched to pizza and church harvest parties. However, I've decided I'd like for our future kids to be able to enjoy Halloween for the night of medieval mischief and pageantry that it is. We're aware of the origins, but it seems the holiday we have today is completely different in all elements of practice, and even in name - the only continuum in the tradition is the use of costumes. That, at least, is how I've made my peace with it. Plus, I'll get to raid the kids hauls for my favorite candies while they sleep.

    Also, just a note to say I really enjoy your blog, though I can't remember what series of links brought me here in the first place!

  7. Beth, I would love to see what they came up with on your blog.

    Yes, Janelle, I agree - I adore a creative costume made with bits and bobs. I never seem to have super ideas, though.

    Welcome, Sarah! and thank you.

  8. Your bear and ballerina are adorable. Here's to an evening of some treats and lasting memories!

  9. Love the tutu, very pretty, the bear's really cool too. A lot of churches in this part of the country now celebrate the date of Halloween with "The Festival of Light". Children still get to dress up, have fireworks and parties and generally have a fun time.
    I don't really celebrate Halloween myself, not because of relgious reasons, but because "Guy Fawkes Night" is on 5th November and we tend to have a big celebration then with a bonfire to roast the baked tatties (potatos) in, tofee apples, fireworks and lots of outdoor fun. I think Halloween is just a little harmless fun.
    florrie x

  10. The disappearing candy happens at our house also! I'm rather conflicted about it. I think when the kiddos are older and can create their costume,it will be more fun.


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