Thursday, July 31, 2014

So Many Ways with Tomatoes

Really, we practically eat fresh tomatoes three meals a day in summer.  They are just so good, fast, and versatile.

Here are some old favorites and new discoveries.

Panzanella, Italian bread salad.  I had heard of this before, but Jane made it look totally accessible and delicious.  I didn't even bother to write down her recipe, but just tasted as I went along.  To make sure the bread has a sturdy texture,  I usually toast it a bit before I chop it.  The flavors of this salad remind me strongly of bruschetta, another summer favorite.

Here's a retro favorite:  tomato slices with dollops of mayonnaise and a sprinkle of sugar and salt (and I hotted it up with freshly ground pepper).

on the porch at the beach cottage
Sliced tomatoes with eggs and toast, an interesting discussion we had a few years back.

Another old favorite with a new twist: caprese salad.  But this time, I just used a mild white cheese because I didn't have any mozzarella.  Still wonderful.

More from the archives:

my version of redeye gravy
fabulous tomato gravy
lettuce-tomato with beef
10-minute all-in-one supper (and don't forget its cold cousin, tomato sandwiches:  good bread, mayo, salt, pepper, and tomato slices)

How are you eating tomatoes these days?


  1. The panzanella looks amazing. I can't wait until our garden tomatoes ripen.

    This recipe is our favorite way to eat tomatoes:

    The dressing is really, really good. I leave out the (expensive) pine nuts. I also leave out the basil unless I'm growing some.

  2. Oh I'm with ya. I'm a tomato freak living in tomato euphoria this summer.

    Caprese salad, why have we not had it this summer?! There's still time.

    Looks like your kids like them, too. We are still working on that.

    All these meals are gorgeous!

  3. All of this looks mouth-watering!!

    How do I eat my tomatoes? ALONE. Boohoo. My crazy family does not eat them - 8 of them, and no one appreciates tomatoes! ;-)

  4. Yes, the tomato sandwiches - gotta have one a year, at least.

    Margo, I am totally thrilled with my hard-boiled eggs - today was egg day. I steamed them, and the shells slipped off like nothing! Oh frabjous day! Thanks for sharing - xoxo.

  5. We are eating tomatoes every day too. Love them!!
    We eat tomato sandwiches [and also Blt's..] , tomato gravy, sliced tomatoes at each meal [ha].. This year I was given a new recipe, Tomato pie , it is wonderful, You put your ingredients in a pie shell.. It taste a lot like pizza..

  6. I must make panzanella.
    we like them as a raw sauce for pasta and I've also discovered Turkish chopped salad, which I really liked. I made this one but there are loads of others on Pinterest, most of which seem to have simpler dressings.

  7. I need to try that. My tomatoes and basil are just coming in, and I always keep cheeses and breads on hand, yummy!

  8. I can no longer eat tomatoes but am drooling over your pictures!

    Have you ever heard of green tomato mincemeat pie? Amazingly like regular mincemeat pie! My mother-in-law made it one year that there were lots of tomatoes in their garden.

  9. That all looks so delicious--the bread salad is going straight onto my dinner roster. Yum! :)


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