Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Gazpacho Discovery

We came back from vacation to a forgotten tomato and cucumber salad in the fridge.  I make variations on the theme all summer long:  sliced cucumbers, sweet onion, tomatoes, dressed with a little vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and usually a few snippets of basil.  Sometimes I use lemon instead of vinegar.  Sometimes I add bell pepper or subtract another vegetable.  Whatever.  The only problem with this salad is that it is best eaten fresh; leftovers can get mushy.

In this case, I had a sudden idea at 6 am : what if I stuck my immersion blender in the leftover salad and called the result gazpacho?  It looked reasonable when it was done, so I packed it into my honey's lunchbox.  That evening, I asked him how he liked his gazpacho and he was quite enthusiastic.  Score!  Hooray for a salad that morphs into a summer soup!


  1. That's awesome! I do the same kind of salad in the summer - I'll have to try blending it up....but My Babe recently went to Spain and had Gazpacho, so it'll be a tough competition!

  2. That IS clever! I am currently enjoying the first glimpses of tomatoes here, and we've got a fridge full of cucumber, so I may create something like this tomorrow evening as a supper add-on.

    I am going to try refrigerator/freezer pickles, so desperate am I to deal w/ the cukes! I just need to find a good 'recipe'/methodology.


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