Monday, July 28, 2014

A Cottage Clothespin Bag

The clothespins at the beach cottage were in a Ziploc bag.  Not only very unattractive, but not easy to maneuver with a clothesline and wet towels.  I proposed to my mother-in-law that I make a clothespin bag.  It was pure fun. To make it cottage-sized, I used a child's plastic hanger.   I limited myself to my small-scraps box to piece the exterior.  For fun, I used a decorative machine stitch in aqua on several seams.

 Might have to make some hotpads in those delicious sherbet colors. . . 


  1. Sherbet colors - Yes! Love it! Perfect for a little cottage : )

  2. My Grandma had one like that :)

  3. Your machine does some pretty stitching.

  4. So cute and cheery - will make hanging clothes a treat!

    If ever I get a new sewing machine, I would love to have one that does fancy stitching. We used those in home ec in the late 60's to add a border to the small tablecloths we made one year. Was always wistful that my machine didn't do those.


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