Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh, Jeni

You have changed my dessert life.  Well, probably my whole flavor life.  I never knew that basil ice cream could be so perfect.  Or that corn on the cob needed to be in ice cream.  Oh, Jeni.  You are a genius with flavors.  Every time I doubt, you prove me wrong.  I love looking at the flavor pairings you suggest.  Of course an olive oil cake and a Parmesan tuile sounds perfect with sweet basil ice cream studded with pine nut pralines.  Of course!  Absolutely I should eat baked rhubarb frozen yogurt with Champagne. But I would never think of these things on my own.

sweet corn with black raspberry sauce on the left, sweet basil with pine nuts on the right

And your ice cream recipes give such a luscious texture.  Truly, I think your ice cream recipes make the best ice cream ever and I'm not biased because it's home food that I made.  I really think you are a genius.  One of these days I am going to drive through Ohio in search of a Jeni's shop so I can see if what I make in my kitchen is just like yours. But in the meantime, I am so very satisfied with black coffee ice cream, the Buckeye State ice cream, Bangkok peanut, and why have I not tried the beet ice cream yet?  It has mascarpone, orange zest, and poppy seeds in it -  I know I can trust you.

My friend Christy and I spent a long time discussing your recipes recently.  Christy had family over for an ice cream parlor experience with four of your flavors and pretzels.  Isn't that fun?

 I'm taking your book to a friend soon, and I can think of about three more friends that I should buy it for.  Thank you, Jeni, for generously sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.



  1. What kind of ice cream maker do you have? I have the book and am going to make a recipe ASAP :)

  2. I have The Perfect Scoop, but ever since I learned to make her vanilla (from the web), I've been smitten. Will you post recipes?

  3. Yes, What kind of ice cream maker do you have? Or do you just mix and freeze in a pan? Ice cream has gotten so expensive I'd like to make my own. Love the stuff!

  4. found it here...

  5. Rachel, I'm not surprised, after Peter's surprise visit here :) See Nancy's comment above mine for the link to our ice cream maker.

    JJ, I'll give you your answer this weekend. smirk.

  6. Tempting. We haven't made ice cream in years. But we should, b/c the ice cream I buy from my milkman is something like $6/half gallon. I don't eat much ice cream (I don't actually *like* ice cream much!) but we do like it sometimes during the summer.

    Maybe I would like ice cream more if I had stunning flavor combinations, though!

  7. What unusual combinations! I need to check the internet to see how to make ice cream without the machine. My father who lives in a nursing home said they made it in bags there as an activity ... interesting.


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