Saturday, May 12, 2012

Savory Breakfasts

I read an article in the paper this week that recommended a maximum daily sugar intake of 3 teaspoons for children, 5 teaspoons for women, and 9 teaspoons for men (which I think is ironic because the women I know adore sweets more than men do).

I know my family consumes more sugar than that!  And I thought we were pretty conservative with the sugar around here. The authors were vague about what exactly was counted as sugar (fruit?  honey? just white cane sugar?), but I suddenly began to notice all the sweets I was eating. 

Now, I do try very hard not to be alarmist and jump on bandwagons.  What I realized is that we eat a lot of sweet breakfasts here, when in fact my husband and I are more fond of savory breakfasts anyway.
So I made a list of the savory breakfasts I know.  Most of them involved cheese or eggs:

1.  creamed (veg) or dried beef on toast or biscuits
2.  bagels + cheese
3.  pizza
4.  potatoes, eggs, toast
5.  cornmeal mush, fried or not, with vegs and cheese
6.  savory oatmeal
7.  tortillas, beans, cheese
8.  macaroni and cheese, tomatoes
9.  cheese grits
10.  miso soup

But here is a breakfast I made on the fly one morning, which involved only a smidge of smoked cheddar.  I sauteed a bunch of mushrooms and a little onion.  I made a white sauce on top of them, making sure the roux (flour and butter) was well browned for flavor.  I added a little thyme, freshly ground pepper, and smoked cheddar for flavor too. 

We ate these creamed mushrooms over sourdough toast.  We did have orange juice on the side, a rare treat, as I consider juice in the same category as soda, nutrition and calorie-wise.

Ben was happy to clean the pot of its remaining few tablespoons.

Any other savory breakfast ideas?  (As I go off to make our traditional Saturday morning sweet breakfast!)


Dianna said...

We do lots of savory breakfasts because my son likes them. Some ideas:

Avocados mashed with salt and lemon on toast
Scrambled eggs and melted cheese on toast, English muffin, or pita bread
Grits with cheese
Cream of wheat with butter and salt
Poached eggs on toast
Hash browns
Huevos rancheros
Bread and (unmelted) cheese, fruit
One-eyed sandwich
Welsh rabbit

Your creamed mushrooms look really good!

Polly said...

I do only savory breakfasts (unless you count some banana?!) because too much sweet in the morning makes me feel icky. I LOVE your ideas--will be stealing some of these. Lately I do steel cut oats with a bit of plain greek yogurt, chia seeds, flax meal, almond butter and sometimes half a banana or some berries. No sugar at all but plenty sweet for my morning palate!!

Sara said...

Scrambled eggs with whatever random cheese and veggies or lingering leftovers are in the fridge are my standard week-day breakfast - my husband's favorite is with spinach and feta. Tthe kids eat some eggs and a plain reheated frozen WW pancake or sourdough waffle from the weekend - syrup is only for Saturdays.

If I'm going to get away with a savory breakfast on the weekend, I make a big grits casserole with cheese and sausage. But I've been thinking about trying an oven-baked variation of this breakfast risotto from Smitten Kitchen:

Rebecca said...

I've been making breakfast burritos lately...sausage, egg and cheese with generous splashes of hot sauce. I've also been remembering the Central American breakfasts of my freshman year Jan. Term: soupy pinto beans with queso fresco and tortillas and a fried egg on the side.

Here's how I make an omelet: I heat my buttered griddle, beat 2 eggs and pour that in a pool on the hot pan. I flip it like a pancake, add some veggies/cheese and roll like a crepe. How 'bout steamed spinach this time of year?

Beth said...

I love your food thoughts. :-)

Savory breakfasts....ooooh, MIGAS! It's a common Tex-Mexy favorite in this part of the world: scrambled eggs w/salsa (or better w/pico de gallo) and crumbled tortilla chips thrown into the scrambling at the last minute or so of cooking...sprinkle with, well, cheese, of course ;-)

I'm the queen of bacon and eggs and toast, especially during pregnancy. Boring, for sure.

I like your interesting ideas.

And I heart sugar, too.

Margo said...

Sara, I would love to know what you're doing with risotto in the OVEN. Smitten Kitchen's recipe looks yummy, but way too fiddly for my tastes.

Beth! I forgot about migas! I came across a recipe in a magazine and made it a few times years ago. Delish.

Rebecca, what an easy way to make an omelet. Thanks.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Breakfast pasta! Google it, you'll find some delicious recipes... imagine pasta tossed with eggs, onions, peppers, cheese, mushrooms, and cheese. Yum!

I'm loving the ideas that others have shared. Savory breakfasts are so satisfying.

Sara said...

This is the basic recipe I use and then mix up the add-ins, although my husband lurves peas, so I do just stick with that as often as not:

Naomi Weaver said...

Love, love your posts, Margo. Especially love how you camouflaged the cord for the old wall clock. Can't wait to see your room. As you know, I love my room as well. One quick note about OJ. I don't think it belongs in the same category as soda, etc. While it's not the best way to imbibe oranges, it is healthy in small doses and all its sweetness is natural sugar. Quite different from added sugars. Just saying . . . :) Love, Mom

Meghan said...

British style beans on toast.