Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brushing Teeth in a New Nightie

And brushing one less tooth!  My big girl lost her first tooth in a casual way at school (surprising, because there was a lot of drama up to this point). 

She's wearing a new nightie that I sewed for her. I used this pattern again, and the cherry one still fits her as her other summer nightie. 

I adore this story fabric so much that I was almost paralyzed about cutting and sewing it.  But my fabric stash feels large right now, so I told myself this was a great way to sew it down.

If she keeps growing up like a string-bean, the nightie should be just fine into high school. 


  1. She is a doll. Losing one's first tooth is such a Big Deal! And that nightie is a big deal, too--I love that fabric!!

    Congratulations on having One Less Tooth, G!!!

  2. So sweet...the nightie and the toothy milestone :-)

    I like the daisy clock. So fun to have special things like that around from our pasts...and you fixed up the cord situation quite nicely.

  3. My little guy just lost his 3rd tooth after wraslin' with his brother ; ) I've been making P.J. pants out of thrifted pillow cases. Their favorites are the elephant print!

  4. Such a special time, and such a special night gown to make the ordeal so much better..
    love that fabric.. I have 4 grandaughters and I make them night gowns.. They love the ones Maw makes.[and Maw loves to make them.ha]

  5. She is darling, and the nightgown it so sweet. I love it when little girls wear pretty things to sleep in, and lovely slips under their dresses.


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