Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Summer Pillow Cover

I felt a desire to sew something with ball fringe.  I used my 40% off coupon to go to Jo-Ann's and buy 2 yards.  I was in the store for 5 minutes and that was the only thing I bought.  Shopping with littles taught me that method of shopping.  I'm sure the stores are very disappointed with my non-impulse shopping (or maybe this ball-fringe thing was an impulse. . . ).

Then I was moved to make a summer pillow cover for one of our sofa cushions.  I really am not a seasonal decorator because I have no idea where I would store the off-season stuff; ergo, the "winter" pillow cover is washed and hanging out in the laundry basket until I figure out what to do with it.

The fabric for this pillow cover is from a thrifted, stained tablecloth.  I avoided the stains.  I also got to sew this with a girlfriend at her house after all our respective children were in bed.  Lovely.

The pillow cover is very popular with the children, whom I have threatened with evil things if one of the balls is pinched off or sucked on or something else I couldn't dream up.


Unknown said...

Love the pillow! Such a cheerful print and perfect with the trim! *He he* I'd have to tell my boys the same thing...I remember when my Mom bought me bobby socks once and I cut the balls off so I could have them to play with!

beth said...

perfect pillow. Like the fact you used an old tablecloth. ;)
Lovely family shots too!

Lisa said...

It looks great - I love the fabric.
(I think ball fringe is always an impulse buy.)