Friday, May 20, 2011

An Alternative to Patching Holey Knees

Cut out the section with the holes and sew the bottom legs back on.  Capris!  These jeans were also ragged at the back hem, so I cut off the old hem and made a new shirttail hem. 

Of course, these revamped jeans are more practical than cute, but if you want more cute, you could add a few inches of great fabric to the bottom of the cut-off jeans, making long denim shorts with a pretty band (or ruffle!) at the hem.  (And is there a name for those trendy, close-fitting knee length shorts?)  Last summer, when I cut off holey-knee jeans, I elevated them by adding nice trims.

It seems, however, that practical capris can make you grouchy. 


Emily on the Prairie said...

"It seems, however, that practical capris can make you grouchy."


have a great weekend. :)

BLD in MT said...

Your sweet daughter's face in that last photo is just priceless. And that is a very good idea. I strongly oppose patching knees.

Anonymous said...

LoL - precious! My daughter and I recently joked that we were going to patch and embroider my grandson's pants. Try to find jeans for an eight year old boy in the consignment shops. It's nearly impossible unless you go where the kids don't play outside. :) Thank God warmer weather has arrived, now it's time for shorts and bruised up knees instead.

Dani said...

What a great way to save a pair of worn out looking jeans! I wish I could sew... (or rather I wish I had let my mom teach me before I moved halfway across the country!)