Monday, May 9, 2011

An Elegant Little Sunday Supper

Usually we have popcorn for Sunday supper.  But on a recent Sunday, we had sandwiches after church so we could stay for a member's meeting.  And so I wanted something a bit more for supper.

In the afternoon, my husband picked up some red raspberry starts from friends and they also handed him a bag of garden lettuce, baby spinach, and arugula.  I made a sharp vinaigrette for those pretty little greens, and then made an old-fashioned bread omelet (from More with Less) with mushrooms and herbed raw milk cheddar.

And then made popcorn for the children who like their Sunday evenings with popcorn. 

- - A Popcorn Event - -

Mommy:  What are you doing, Ben?
Ben:  Making horse and buggies.

[confusion and repetition of the question and answer; Mommy's brain working, working]

Mommy:  ohhhhh!  When you put your hands over your ears while you eat your popcorn, you hear horse and buggies, right?
Ben [gently patronizing]: Yes.



Deanna Beth said...

I don't think I have More With Less, but it is mentioned so often it is tempting me. That bread omlette sounds good. I have no idea what it means.

life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

What a sweetie. He isn't too happy about the trains in his head is he?

Unknown said...

Ho ho ho! That's very clever! Too funny : )

Margo said...

Heritage, I think he's concentrating on the sound and that's why his face is so serious. He loves it. (I'm trying to figure out what is blocking me from accessing your blog, but it's slow going while I check different settings!)

Margo said...

DB, the bread omelette is bread cubes soaked in milk, mixes with beaten eggs and cheese, cooked on the stove and finished in the oven. Saw that Lidia Bastianich called it a "fritatta" in the Parade magazine yesterday. Say the word and I'll post the recipe (but actually I recommend that you get a More with Less!!).

Jennifer Jo said...

Okay. That Ben thing is hilarious.

It always amazes me how much kids have going through their minds that we know NOTHING about.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Simple Sunday night suppers are my favorite. I like to do frittata!

Horse and buggies... love it!

Deanna Beth said...

I'll put More With Less on my birthday wish list!