Monday, May 2, 2011

Purifying and Using Tallow

I saved the fat I skimmed from beef stock when I made it a few months ago.  First, it sat in my fridge with stray pieces of gunk in it.  I contacted a soap maker to see if she wanted it. 

Then I thought I could at least strain the stuff before trying to give it away.  I got it out of the containers (it's hard like butter) and melted it again, then poured it through a cheesecloth lined strainer.

Now that it's cold and hard, it's pure white and will keep longer with the stray scraps gone.  I've been using it to saute onions at the start of a savory dish; I can't say I like the flavor of tallow on its own, but it disappears into a savory dish. 

And just think how thrifty it is!  I make super-nutritious stock, and then I get this by-product, free frying grease.  I still buy lard from my Amish butcher, though, because it makes fabulous biscuits and pie crusts.

Here I used tallow at the beginning of a stir fry because it has a high smoking point.

Some bok choy, the last chunk of a cabbage, a carrot, and scallions added at end. Then we sprinkled toasted sesame seeds over top at the table.


Anonymous said...

Your Wok looks nice and well seasoned :)I need to get one- I keep trying to stir fry in my cast iron.

Jacinta said...

Seriously you are one THRIFTY woman.. can't believe what you do with things ppl just throw out! When is your next shoestring btw? xo

Anonymous said...

This is delightfully bad-ass. Enjoying getting caught up on all your adventures!