Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shoestring Chic #7: Capris, Two Ways

1.  At home, but feeling chic because I like the fit of my tee and it makes my eyes look blue. . .and I chopped the legs off  brown chinos to make these capris!  With my favorite tiny turquoise earrings, I felt good.  But is this really an "outfit?"  I debated even photographing this because it looks so ordinary.  But spare and simple is what I lean towards, so this outfit is true to my taste; plus, the clothes fit me well and I feel good in them - also one of my closet principles.

pale blue tee, thrifted:  $4
earrings -older than my marriage: free
brown chinos passed to me by my aunt Nancy: free
brown slides:  $30
total:  $34

2.  So here are the brown capris on a day I was teaching an ESL class.  It was also a bit chilly, so the boots were cozier than sandals.  I've seen the young things around town wearing boots with cropped pants and I thought hey! what a useful way to get more wear out of capris!  Do you wear this look?


brown chino capris:  free
green shirt, pass-on from my cousin:  free
classic Eddie Bauer denim jacket bought at the mall with my sister when I actually shopped at the mall - so more than 10 years ago! free
brown belt from my college days:  free
Ten Thousand Villages bead bracelet:  $7
earrings, gift from my friend Maria
my dearly loved Aldo boots:  $40

total:  $47

Below is the unedited photo that I used for my new profile pic.

Your turn!


life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

I wish I could still wear that look. I never owned Capris. heck I'm so old we use to call them ' peddle pushers!' I admire them on you. Your right they look good with the boots, but that soon will be too hot. Your pictures are really good. You take them or your sister?


kyleann33 said...

I love your new profile picture. And I like your capris with the denim jacket and boots too. I like my at home clothes to fit well and look nice too, my Shoestring Chic today is also an everyday outfit.

Elaine said...

I like the boots with capris. I don't own any dressy capris, but if I did, I'd wear them with boots!

Reginas Cottage said...

hi margo
i like both outfit,but the capris with boots is
my favorite.

Deanna Beth said...

Yep, I wear the boots with capris look and I love how jaunty that all looks with the denim jacket. You may not think that your first photo is an outfit, but, frankly, I'm impressed that you chose earrings to match the outfit on a day at home. That is more effort than I go to.

Unknown said...

I like the first outfit ( I like simple too ) and it looks comfortable and easy to wear anywhere.

Your jean jacket is really cute too ; )

Margo said...

Marlyn, I'll have to access your blog from a different computer. I CANNOT figure out what setting to fix on mine!
OK, anyway, I used my tripod to take the second set of photos and they required some heavy editing (and a lot of deletes) before I got a good one. The first two were by my husband.

DB, when I had a professional fulltime job, I dressed like a slob at home. Now that homemaking and mothering is my fulltime work, I dress well for that (and dress like a slob on Sunday after church). I have so much more importance and dignity in my work if I look good!

Miri said...

I have to agree wholeheartedly with your comment, Margo, about dressing at home for our important work! Makes us feel better anyway :). And my very favorite picture here is of you and your children. That's beautiful.

Dani said...

I think I now need to find a great pair of boots to go with my capris!

Jacinta said...

I love the second outfit best with the cropped pants and boots.. very chic! I'm about to add my post... whoops, sorry so late!

and uhhh... i think my outfit was about $80 which isn't very cheap... the skirt was thrifted... darn winter layers! ;)

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

This is a great deal! So cute.

I adore thrift and consignment stores as well. I normally post my *finds* on my blog too. It really has helped many of my friends to think outside of the mall and department stores to see short little post of what I have found! It makes me laugh now because for the longest time I used to hear how cute my kiddos clothes are but then when the secret came out where I bought them, I rarely get the comments now. (giggle)

I will have to join in on your link ups!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

What a fun post! I got your message on my blog, Thrift and Shout and I would love to participate in Shoestring Chic! Let me know how!

Lindsey Turner

Anonymous said...

Actually, you look anything but ordinary. You're very beautiful and dressed really nice. Even in the first pic you look like you're about to go out on a date or simply dressed nice just for the sake of looking nice.