Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why My Lawn is Mostly Weeds

a.  I'm too lazy to figure out a good way to get rid of them.

b.  so I tell myself it's providing imaginative fodder for the children - they harvest different weeds for different plays.

c.  Our yard stays green even when the cultivated grass lawns on either side of us go brown and croaking at the first lack of water.

d.  It's how I get my jollies (as my dad would say), being slightly kooky.  This is my version of socially risky behavior.

e.  And, yes, I'm too lazy to reseed grass and keep the children off while it grows.

Isn't my reel mower nice?  (I did put shoes on to actually mow - I forget why my feet are bare in this photo).  Maybe if I got the mower sharpened every year, my yard would look more tidy when I was done mowing.  But I have different priorities - food and fabric, for starters.

I'm wearing the first skirt I made in my new era (the old era was high school and sewing patterns that always had "1 hour" in the title and turned out hideous).  It's from this book and it's the most basic A-line.
I used a bias tape maker to make the bias tape, which was so narrow it gave me fits at the pockets.  And I had finished the hem with that bias tape, but it looked so bad I just cut it off a year later and put in a shirttail hem. I made it before I got my Bernina, so it's at least 2.5 years old.  It's become my serious or dirty work skirt and now it's on the Record.


Unknown said...

I had seeded my lawn to help fill it in nice, but I left the yarrow, daisy, self-heal, clover, etc. They're nice and green anyway, and I like the diversity of foliage ; )

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Your lawn looks like our lawn. I think all the dandelions in the early summer are pretty and clover is just gorgeous. Three cheers for weedy lawns and kooky owners:-)!

Margo said...

Eva, you inspire me to actually learn the names of my weeds.

ThyHand, I did actually cut some dandelion weeds from my yard this spring and felt 1930s proud about it.

Unknown said...

I'm all for biodiversity. Turf lawns are a rather recent aesthetic notion,encouraged by herbicide and fertilizer corporations and power mower manufacturers. They are unsuited to most North American climates. They are also energy and water hogs, not good for much. Do not apologize for the plants in your yard!

Beth said...

Long live weeds! :-) I love your perspective on them!

Anonymous said...

I grew up with a yard (I can't even type the word "lawn") exactly like that. Other than mowing that didn't always happen regularly, it never occurred to us that it should look any different than what Mother Nature intended. Way to go!

BLD in MT said...

Following from your link back, as I'd never read this post.

I just took photos yesterday to post about my adoration of my reel mower. I do mow with bare feet though. Maybe I shouldn't, but I do.

I am going to get that book. Thanks!