Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Life, in Tan Sandals

On the left is my pair of 10 year old Papillios by Birkenstock.  I got them to replace a pair of Birkenstocks that was stolen from my car the summer after I got married.  They cost $30 from a local shoe store and I thought they looked dorky, but I desperately needed cheap, comfortable sandals. 

Four years ago, I got the Dansko slides in the middle, and the Papillios went to the back door as mud shoes to wear outside and into our dirt-floor basement where I fetch canned and frozen goods.

The Dansko slides in the middle were bought on a shopping trip four years ago with my cousin's wife. I was waffling between the slides and the strappy sandals on my feet in the photo.  My cousin's wife, wanting to be helpful, told me the slides were cooler; I bought them for $55.  Then we took our screaming children to McDonald's.

But I never forgot those strappy sandals.  In fact, I even triumphantly bought a pair on ebay for $20, but it turned out that although the sandals were labeled size 42, they were, in fact, size 38!  A perfect fit for my friend Rebecca, but a sad day for me.

On the way back from the beach, I talked my husband into detouring 18 miles to go to a Dansko outlet again. And I finally bought my strappy tan sandals - for a mere $44, hugely on sale from the retail price of $110.  Hooray! 

Bonus:  the outlet itself was beautiful.  Double bonus:  free popcorn for the children, free coffee for the husband.


You Can Call Me Jane said...

They're lovely. When I love a pair of shoes, I love them with my whole heart and wear them almost exclusively. For years:-).

Anonymous said...

You can't beat that with a stick. My best friend swears by Dansko, and she wears them forever. Definitely worth the investment. Your feet look charming!

Becky said...

Yes, those shoes exactly! I have them in tan and purple and while they are still wearable, they are starting to look like I've worn them every summer day for the last decade or so.