Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Freezing Green Beans

A friend invited me to pick her green beans; she said she was tired of picking and freezing them.  I jumped on the chance and came home with a dishpan two-thirds full.  Hooray for generous friends with bountiful gardens!

So often my housework requires me to be on my feet and I am really dragging in this heat, so I enjoyed sitting with my feet up in my shady backyard, topping and tailing beans, watching the children play. 


1. bring a larg pot of water to full rolling boil

2. dump the beans in - they should have plenty of room - put the lid back on

3. time for 3 minutes

4. prepare a ice/water bath in the sink

5. get the beans into the water bath as soon as possible (I drained off the hot water in the other sink and then dumped the beans into the water bath; you can also use a strainer basket and just lift the basket of beans out of the hot water)

6. when cool, drain and pack them into freezer boxes or bags; label

8. freeze (try to imagine a winter afternoon, planning dinner in wool socks with mug of tea in hand; think of tasting those summery beans in the cozy darkness of a December supper)


Unknown said...

That sounds marvelous! I hope to be harvesting green beans soon too : ) I love the first fresh green beans from the garden - yum!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever run into tough green beans? For some reason I thought they were all created equal, but the last bunch I bought at the farmer's market turned tough in the steamer. And the water remaining in the pot was an odd pink color. After a few tough chews, the lot went into the compost bin. Now I'm wondering what went awry...

Margo said...

Punk, that is the strangest story - I can't shed any light on it, but I'm irritated on your behalf.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

And I see you've got your trusty record keeping notebook there!

Yes, I agree, a friend with a bountiful garden is wonderful. I need to "put up" some of my abundance of summer squash.

Mmmm, summery green beans in winter. Lovely.