Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hitty's Coral Beads

". . .whatever caught Poebe Preble's fancy sooner or later managed to find its way inter her hands or her father's pockets.  She soon had strings of silver and coral and little twinkling shells.  There was even a string for me, of round red coral. . ." Hitty: Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field

On a recent rainy day, I reread Hitty and fulfilled a girlhood wish to have coral beads.  Of course, I don't think these beads are coral, but they answer for the picture in my mind.  I've had the supplies for months, but I think the whole necklace cost something under $10, thanks to a coupon.

What's your favorite part in Hitty?  If you haven't read it, you've got a treat ahead!


Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I have a strand of coral beads; they were my grandmother's and I treasure them. I wear them often in summer.

As for Hitty... I've never read it. I'm adding it to the list. Love the quote.

Laura said...

I love your coral beads, Margo! I had a coral necklace from my mother when I was a child, but it broke years ago and the coral pieces were lost.

Hitty is one of my favorite dolls (Miss Hickory is another) - and Christian, I have a copy of the book for you if you don't already have one... .

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! Where did you get your supplies?

Margo said...

Laura, who is Miss Hickory? I'm fascinated by the grandmothers with the coral beads - maybe they were really in style a few generations ago.

Christian, I'd just love to see your coral beads - one of your beautiful photos, please?? How special to have your grandmother's necklace. Can't wait to hear your reaction to Hitty.

Reb, at Michael's, how pedestrian.

Laura said...

Miss Hickory, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, also won a Newbery Award (1947), but Miss Hickory is not as sweet as Hitty. She's made from a twig and her head is a hickory nut. She lives in the woods in a corncob house, and interacts with the animals and birds of the forest.

If you like doll stories, a good, fun series is the Five Dolls series by Helen Clare. They're kind of hard to find, but worth the hunt. Great read-alouds for girls and boys.