Monday, July 5, 2010

Food at the Beach

I just love waking up a house with fresh cinnamon rolls.  With few other household duties while I was on vacation, this was pure pleasure (when I finally figured out a stand-in for a rolling pin).  I used Cinnamon Raisin Twists from Recipes from the Old Mill
Cut, and ready to twist.  Due to my vacation lassitude, there's no photo of the finished rolls.
Each household cooked an evening meal.  I made Lemon Asparagus Pasta from Simply in Season, subbing in local broccoli.  My sis grilled zucchini and my husband fetched very nice baguettes.  
At his request, I also made Vegetarian Crab Cakes, a wonderful way to use zucchini (I only use one egg, and I add chopped onion and a smidge of sugar; then dredge them in flour before pan frying).

Matt, I told you I would put this on my blog!

My parents always take us out to a nice restaurant.  Last year, we went to Salt Air and we loved it so much, we went back again this year.  It pleases my desire for local food, and we are all pleased by the delicious food. Plus, the atmosphere is so divinely serene.

Back at the beach cottage, we worked off all the food by playing Rook. 


You Can Call Me Jane said...

A family vacation is not complete without Rook. I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself:-).

Anonymous said...

You are now responsible for making me very hungry for excellent food. How dare you! ;)

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I love beachy food! Everything tastes better after a day of fresh air and sun.

Brother Dearest said...

you DID post it too... yes well, if thats the price I have to pay to get more lemon pasta and fakey crab cakes... bring it...