Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday Dinner: Beef Pot Roast

I am finally posting this after putting it aside for the comforter and Dark Days. This is very traditional Sunday dinner fare. I have used the oven, but that involves more knowledge and guessing than I have, so I figured out how to use my crockpot. The beef is not technically roasted, but steamed.

put a round roast in fridge to thaw

thaw a container of Pepper Cabbage
salt the roast well

Sunday morning:
Put roast in slow cooker - sprinkle with a little vinegar (tenderizes)
Cover roast with sliced onions.
Pile in carrots and potatoes (if the taties are big, I halve them) and mushrooms. Sprinkle with more salt, some pepper.
Dump a cup of something boiling in (wine, water, stock, what have you).
Turn on high for 4-5 hours.

Sunday dinner:
Reduce liquid by half (if time - boil without a lid); add marjoram, minced garlic, pepper; thicken with milk and flour for gravy.
Set table.

The best part? Walking in from church on a sunny fresh morning and smelling roast beef. . . and then thinking of all the tasty dishes that could evolve from the leftovers. . .

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