Friday, March 5, 2010


I like to be environmentally correct, but I am not fond of change. So I am creeping through some changes, setting one goal at a time, to not freak myself out. This fall, I vowed to switch from tissues to hankies.

I stopped in the middle of ironing to show you these three lovelies that came home with me recently. Apparently hankies are not highly sought after, because these cost all of $.75 apiece.

I take a little secret thrill in the colors of my hanky with the colors of my clothes. Who knew that being environmentally correct could be color play? I love it!

I had a hard time resisting the post title "hanky panky." Just so you know.


Beth said...

Aren't they pretty! A fun idea and so feminine!

Unknown said...

I am in t middle of doing something similar myself , even considering making family wipe to move away from buying toilet rolls and mamma pads for "that time of the month"
even have begun to crochet my own dish cloths, face cloths and dusters.
I tell you nothing like a ressesion to make you think about your money and then to make you realise you should have done "X" years ago.
wonderful post thanks for that

Unknown said...

Yes! I like to have a hankie for each coat - matching my scarf colors - and one in my purse, and I bought some for the boys to keep in their pockets, and I even found correctly monogrammed handkerchiefs for my husband at the thrift store : ) I love how dainty the vintage ladies hankies are, and for how little they cost second hand I'm saving big by not buying all those travel packs of tissues!