Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Which I Buy Frozen Waffles

As I sat down to breakfast this morning, I realized that I had again used obscure cooking skills. In the interest of keeping that kind of knowledge alive, I will share our breakfast and the pedestrian photo.

I bought frozen waffles at my discount grocer. WHAT?! Yes, I bought frozen waffles. The ingredients were normal, they were whole grain, and cheap. They originally sold for $4.99 for 6, but I got them for $.99. My children didn't even know what they were, since I don't have a waffle maker. The brand is Lifestream and I got two flavors: mesa something which is corn and flax, and the ones we had this morning which were 8 grain (quinoa, flax, wheat, etc.).

I had saved the juice from a jar of home canned peaches with no clear goal in mind. But this morning, I thickened it a little with cornstarch, added a pat of butter and a dash of cinnamon.

Then I whipped some cream and cut it with a slightly less than equal amount of homemade plain yogurt. I piled the cream on top of the waffles and drizzled them with peach syrup. The children also had apples and peanut butter; the adults had coffee instead of fruit (you know). It was delicious.

A note about my food photography: it is supposed to illustrate, not make your mouth water. I wish I knew how to style food and I wish I had a slick camera, but I just use what I've got. I do try to make sure the table is crumb-free and I didn't take a bite first, but sometimes I'm so hungry I forget even that. I promise I won't (even subtly) apologize for my photography again.


Rebecca said...

No slick photography needed. I wish you'd invited me to breakfast! I'm going to try that very trick with fruit syrup and yogurt.

Do you wish you had a waffle iron or would it just be something else to store?


Beth said...

Yeah, no need to apologize...your food makes my mouth water!!

Deanna Beth said...

Are you kidding me!? My mouth is totally watering. That looks delicious!

Jennifer Jo said...

I love real-life photos. They make me feel more normal.

Margo said...

Rebecca, I can't decide. I usually think of waffles as just pancakes with texture, BUT I do recall that my dad would buy us waffle-ice cream sandwiches when we were kids. I can't imagine doing that with pancakes. I don't know - does a waffle maker justify itself?

Rebecca said...

Well, I use mine a lot but you know restraint. And there is the handiness factor: make a big batch, throw 'em in the freezer and you have your very own toaster waffles. Aunt Sylvia says the High Protein Pancakes in MwL make good waffles and I use a recipe from my old Betty Crocker.


Janelle said...

The nutty sweet potato waffle recipe in Simply in Season alone makes an iron a worthwhile investment!

Andrea said...

I've never once poo-poohed at any of your photos. (AND between them and your pictures have become terrifically hungry---Often prompting me to actually try the recipe, so Hurrah for that)

Shove the apologies where they belong---