Monday, March 1, 2010

Beautiful Toothbrushes

Am I a toothbrush snob? I don't think so, but I was definitely forced into it.
1. Our old tile fixture has narrow slots for toothbrushes - many modern toothbrushes have fat ergonomic handles or something. Our bathroom is tiny, our sink has narrow ledges and hanging our toothbrushes is the best storage option, so I must have toothbrushes that fit our vintage slots.

2. Children's toothbrushes are TTFW (too tacky for words). They're loaded with licensed characters and thick with plastic doodads that never fit, again, through our vintage slots. (And what about that safe toothpaste for children who think toothbrushing is eating toothpaste off their brush? The only kinds I've seen are Little Bear and Thomas the Train. I object on principle!).

3. I have seen cool toothbrushes in Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple. Don't laugh - you've seen them too and wondered why your drugstore only sells the kind with five colors and stripes in the bristles.

Well, it turns out, I can buy them (randomly) at my discount grocery store! This store is next to our paint store. Since my husband and I are currently renovating an apartment and my job is painting, I've been to the paint store oh, fifty times in two weeks. And I spotted these toothbrushes next door! They're WOOD and at first I thought they were made two hours away, but on closer examination, they are (sigh) made in China. But I bought about 12 because they were only $1. You see only 6 in the photo, because I went back to the paint store the next day, slipped into the discount grocery, and bought more.

Also notice in the photo my children's toothbrushes in the tile holder. The only nice plain toothbrushes I could find were from a dental supply company, so I bought a box of them a year or so ago. Only 450 to a box. Yes, 450. So I begged my friends to buy them and I still have lots left. If you want some too, I'll hook you up for $1 apiece. Just let me know in the comments and I'll email you details. Because, after all, a simple toothbrush can be a beautiful thing.


Christian - Modobject@Home said...

You crack me up... but they ARE beautiful toothbrushes. I can't believe you got them for $1 each! I imagine that if I ever happened upon a stash of those they would be at least $10 each.

Shasta said...

Ok, this is unrelated to the post, but I wasn't sure you'd catch my question in an older post (do you check for more comments?). Anyhoo, where do you find nice tableclothes these days? I want a beautiful yellow, plainish design, if any and I've tried 2 fabric stores & several department stores. I've noticed your table dressing variety in your pix.

Margo said...

S, I find tablecloths very randomly. The red one and blue plaid from 10K Villages, plaid from Boscov's, white and yellow from Sal's Boutique. The only one I made was the sunflowers from fabric I found at a Menno fabric store. I do actually carry my table measurements in my planner so that if I spot a tablecloth, I will know if it works. Also, I don't think this has shown up in blog pictures, but I do sometimes use 2 small tablecloths to cover my big table. It's a funky casual look.
GOod luck!

Simple in France said...

Hey 1$ for toothbrushes is a good deal. Those stupid things are expensive. I didn't think ahead and got stuck in desperate need and recently spent 3 euros in a pinch. AHHHH! If I found something cheap like that I'd stock up too.