Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amending the Soup, Plus a Dishcloth

The borsch was wonderful, but too spicy for my children. I do not like making separate lunches for everyone, so I hit upon a solution: I added the leftover roasted vegetables from Sunday's roast to the soup. But I freshened it up along the way and made it more anti-viral, as we seem to be leaning into fevers and sniffles here.
This is what I did:
--sauteed an onion in some beef tallow
--added the leftover borsch and leftover carrots and potatoes
--let it get hot, then added a handful of chopped parsley and about 6 minced garlic cloves.

The spicy heat was toned down, but the whole soup was revived into a very good lunch, with some dill bread on the side. As it looked just the same, I didn't take a picture. I almost didn't even blog about it, but my dear friend Rebecca convinced me that these are the cooking skills that are unglamorous but so clever and homey.

I also finished another dishcloth, which looks very springy to me, but I forebore to name it. You may name it if you wish in the comments - the sillier, the better; I simply photographed it against a spring sky.


Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Your friend Rebecca is right... sometimes even basic adjustments require outside inspiration!

Hope you guys feel better soon. I like your winter-to-spring dishcloth.

Rebecca said...

How 'bout naming the dishcloth "Any Day Now...."
Hope Little Evs and Ben are feeling better and that they selfishly keep those germs to themselves.


Beth said...

Sand and Seashore. That's what I'd call the dishcloth.

I have Russian friends who taught me to make borscht many years ago...oh, hers was so, so good!! Sounds like you made yours really work for your family. I love not wasting!

Shasta said...

"Partly sunny with flowers"

Margo said...

oh, you guys thought of the best names! My unoriginal best was "spring fling." tee hee - you're way better.