Friday, June 30, 2017


My girls and I went to an orchard and picked cherries this past week (Ben is at camp).  No photos of the pretty orchard in the sunlight because it was enough to keep the toddler and the tween happy and safe (and then Phoebe spiked a fever that afternoon - no other symptoms and that was it, but I still felt bad that she was out in the sun that morning).

Genevieve and I pitted sour cherries to freeze while we watched Midsummer Night's Dream.  I had taken Genevieve and Ben to a local production in the park a few weeks earlier, so it was good to let the intricate language and plot wash over her again.

I also procured some bourbon and made four little jars of sour cherries in bourbon, a recipe from Marisa's book Preserving by the Pint.  I'm hoping they will be a good stand in for maraschino cherries.

Behind the cherries are several half-pints of rosemary rhubarb jam, also a recipe from Marisa, and a fabulous hostess gift.

And we ate several breakfasts of chocolate chip scones, just plain in their butteriness, with sweet cherries on the side.

Phoebe looks so gruesome when she eats cherries!


Alica said...

Mmmm cherries! I picked a few sweet cherries a week or so ago, just for eating, and they were so good!

Jenny said...

Cherries are so good. I love the way preserved cherries look in the jars.

Becky said...

I know I say this about all the fruits, but cherries really are my favorite - probably because there is nothing like a fresh one and their season is so fleeting!

e said...

I've given bourbon cherries as a holiday or hostess gift and they are always enthusiastically received.
I am a big fan of Marisa (even took a class from her in Portland!) but I haven't seen the Rosemary and Rhubarb combo. Funny thing is, in my garden those two are in the same planter! Sounds like I'd better get jamming!

Love Phoebe's zombie cherry eater picture! Gruesome indeed!