Monday, June 5, 2017

Ben Goes to Church on Pentecost Sunday

Alternate titles:
Mr. Pirate Pentecost
Ben Follows All the Color Suggestions For Pentecost Sunday
Ben Dresses the Part to Read the Pentecost Scripture
Ben is Crazy But Not Old Enough to Care if Mom Posts This


Hazel said...

Go for it Ben! You look great!

Becky said...

Oh for the days when my child didn't care what photos I posted.

e said...

Two things:
1) All colors in the same family.
2) White men CAN jump!

Oh, and one more: Yay for kids! And yay for tolerant parents! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!


jenny_o said...

Ahh, this makes me smile. He looks like he is such a ham! Such a great age. I miss my kids!