Monday, July 3, 2017

Fifteen Degrees Cooler at the River

The cold river water cools the air above it and sends that cool breeze along the floodplain.  And here, there are lots of tall trees to sink the area in green shade.  Refreshing and so welcome after a picnic with friends!

In the twilight, I could feel the hot concrete and macadam exhaling its heat as we drove back into the city.  But our skin was still cool from the river water.


  1. That is a such a good feeling. It looks like a lovely place to spend some time on a hot summer day.

  2. Looks like everyone enjoyed the coolness!

  3. It looks lovely there. We had some hot weather a couple of weeks ago in the UK, but then it turned into autumn. I'm hoping it's warming up again.

  4. My dad had a place on the Susquehanna, between Wrightsville & Columbia. We spent many a hot day (and evening) down by the river cooling off. And it was always so much cooler down there. Your photos remind me of that spot.


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