Thursday, November 14, 2013

Feeling Perky

I'm joking:  I don't personally feel perky, but I love our new percolator.

Our old drip coffeemaker (one of those free Gevalia ones from the late 90s) was feeble and plastic.  We wanted to see if we could avoid plastic, but our French press is only 8 cups and you have to do the 2-step boil and pour and the coffee cools off. We're lazy, I'm afraid (I call it efficient).

Meanwhile, my uncle left his vintage percolator in our car by accident, so we tried it out and absolutely loved it.

Delicious coffee: strong, not bitter.  Stays hot for a long time without burning.  No filters, no plastic.  Classy exterior.  Sold!

We love it.

And to return the beginning of the post, I am feeling the creep of holiday busy stress already.  My shoulders are high and tight and I'm waking up early with too many niggling details on my mind.  I'm following standard practices I've learned the hard way over the years:  exercise, sunshine on my face, prayer, sleep, being kind to myself, and saying NO to anything extra.


sara said...

I really love perked coffee.

BTW, your list of how to handle this time of year looks a lot like mine.

Lydia Jo said...

I hear you about the holidays! Take a deep breath.
We switched to a peculator months ago, also after our drip coffee maker gave out. Hard to beat.

Unknown said...

So, will your Uncle ever get his percolator back? : ) I love mine too - an oldie from my Mom.

jenny_o said...

I make my coffee in such a weird way I am not qualified to comment on this post :)

I hear you on the stress. I just had two days off work, which I spent doing not all the work I was behind on and not all the crafts I had hoped, but reading. Which for me is a form of hiding. Because of the stress. Yech.

momma-lana said...

I am definitely in denial about everything I have to do. I have to go through the being paralyzed part first.

We have a 20 cup percolator that we haul out when we have a house full and that thing makes amazing coffee and it can sit there for hours and never gets that burnt taste. My kids keep trying to keep it by accident when they borrow it. I make sure it comes back post haste!

Meryl said...

I've never tried percolator coffee. We do the French Press, but most mornings we only drink a cup each, so that's the perfect size. (It does get a little cumbersome when we have guests.)

Margo said...

Eva, yup, we reluctantly gave it back.

Jenny_o, I must know how you make your coffee! I am always interested in weird kitchen things.

Also, you call reading for 2 days "hiding," but I call that "self-soothing." Be good to yourself. . .xoxoxo

sk said...

I'm shocked about the percolator. I thought those things made terrible coffee. Why did everybody switch to the Mr. Coffee pots? Question: is any kind okay--must there be stainless steel insides?

Margo said...

sk, I specifically wanted a stainless steel one to avoid plastic. Apparently there are ceramic percolators also, and, I'm sure, plastic ones as well.