Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Year With the Lunch Buckets

My children are very hard on these lunch buckets - besides carrying lunch in them every day, the children wallop the buckets around by their handles, drag them on the floor, and wear them. 

After about 12 months of use and several hand-washings, Genevieve's had a frayed spot.  The handle on Ben's bucket had frayed in a few spots, but that was my fault for cutting off too much of the seam inside.  In both, the vinyl tablecloth lining was totally shot, but it was a used tablecloth to begin with.  I decided to renovate the lunch pails.
one of the worn out linings - they were shredded and gross

I got oilcloth this time, an orange kaleidoscope pattern to use in both.  I thought I could make a more attractive pail for Genevieve, but I kept most of Ben's pail and just made a new liner for it.

 I really appreciated LiEr's pattern all over again for its clear instructions and explanations.  Much better than another self-published pattern that I used recently and will show you as soon as I get the project photographed.
Now I'm curious to see how long the renovated lunch buckets hold up.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

These are so cute.. And have held up really well.. The kids are adorable..Love their modeling the lunch pails.

Polly said...

You are so good.

You're going to make and sell these in your etsy shop, right?

Right? (Hint.) :)