Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Construction Pajamas for Ben

Ben had a pair of pajamas that looked like capri bottoms with an elbow-sleeve top.  They weren't meant to be that style. Suddenly, he's taller!

I had a length of flannel with construction stuff all over it, purchased at a thrift store for $2 for this very purpose.  I added 4" to the length in the pattern so hopefully the pajamas will grow with him.  I used bias tape (like last time) to finish the cuffs to make them look nicer when they're turned up.

Good morning, G! in your thrifted rosebud long johns

Because of the length, I decided to add another button, but I only had 4 blue buttons. So I took a little orphan gold star button (left from this dress) and used it as the top button.

It's been my shopping experience that children's pajamas are not cheap or cute (see Genevieve wearing her exception above).  I'm pleased with these jammies because they are inexpensive and nice.  Ben is pleased because I made them and they're covered in trucks and traffic cones.

The first morning after he wore his new pajamas to bed, I asked him if he had any dreams, which is a mild morning conversation starter around here.  Ben said yes, he had dreams about trucks.  "And those dreams were noisy, Mom!" But he was grinning.


  1. They're adorable! (Kids AND pjs.)

    My kids sleep in their clothes, usually. Or sweat pants. Or hand-me-down jammies. We're never really learned proper nighttime attire, it appears.

  2. I've made some pajamas this year too. I should blog about them sometime.
    Gotta love those noisy dreams! I always say boys are "noise and destruction". They love all that stuff. :)

  3. Smart mom... Love the construction fabric.. What little boy wouldn't love them and the wonderful dreams..ha
    Both kids are adorable...

  4. Aw, these are so cute! Don't you just love scoring a great deal? Now I need to learn how to run my "new" sewing machine...

  5. Store bought jammies are icky and itchy and tight. I made so many nightgowns and pj's out of flannel when our 5 were growing up that I wish I actually had a number. Good job Mom. Flannel is like a warm hug from Mom every night.

  6. Super cute! I decided to just buy Christmas jammies this year. Functional, but not nearly as fun as these!

  7. What great boy pj's those are ... and my goodness, he's gotten tall!

  8. Your children are so lucky. I love that little star button detail on the pajamas ... a sweet detail that your son will surely remember into his adulthood! Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts and pictures will us all. <3


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