Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Turkeys, Afterwards

8:21pm  Thanksgiving evening.

I asked for, and got, the two turkey carcasses from our extended family Thanksgiving today. Thanks, Aunt Elena! After the long drive home, I fixed them up for their long simmer into stock.

Everyone is settling down gratefully- children listening to their daddy read Pooh and Piglet next room room over, me in my pajamas, the cold night outside. I have everything to be thankful for.

How was your Thanksgiving?


Rebecca said...

I glared at my mom and said "Don't you dare make me take that carcass home. Dad can make broth for you guys." Do I lose my TaH badge?

Today we're having Make Friday (instead of Black Friday); I'm letting the house slide on into chaos and everybody is headed to the shop or sewing room. I'm going to put my kitchen quilt together and, I hope, finish the dress lingering on my sewing machine.

Lisa said...

Rebecca's got the right idea - the day after a big holiday should be restful and fun.

I only got a turkey breast for our small group. It was eight pounds, but I could go to nine next year, I think. I made my own stuffing this year, from homemade bread! That was a biggie. It was all very nice.

jenny_o said...

Routine, post-holiday, is lovely. For this introvert, anyhow.

Our Thanksgiving was in October. The turkey is but a memory. Except for those two cups of chopped meat in the freezer, which I should use up soon, now that I think about it.

Beth said...

For once, you and I are doing the SAME THING at the SAME TIME! I'm simmering two big pots right now with turkey remains and other goodies in them, yay!! Smells so good. I hate paying for stock, but rarely have occasion to make homemade, so I've been using water instead of broth in recipes...

Thanksgiving was beautiful here. Quiet, simple, restful, happy.

Even got Christmas decorating started! My man has decided to make our house a Christmas light bonanza this year - something we've never done before. Pics to come! :-)

momma-lana said...

I made my broth on Friday and then hubby assisted me with getting it into jars and into the pressure canner. All the while he was talking about 'cool' experiments that he could do with my canner! I told him he should go buy his own! Anyway 7 lovely quarts of broth are sitting on my counter. Our most favorite soup takes 4 cups of turkey broth so we are set. We had a good day on Thursday with 3 of our 5 children home. Our 16 month old grandson was a real treat and sat up to the table and ate every bit of a full plate of food.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

So proud you and family had a good Thanksgiving.. We did too.. [eat way too much!!]
Just so thankful and feel so blessed..