Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Peasant Blouse

 Genevieve is modeling her new peasant blouse. I loved making the gathered parts on the front and back. This was new to me: bias tape channels on the inside, insert shorter elastic, match the channel and the elastic ends (thus the gathers), and sew both ends down together. Fun!


The not-fun part was the front keyhole, which seems unecessary for style or dressing ease.  Also, for some mistake that I made that I can't trace, one shoulder seam is front farther than the other one, but fortunately, the plaid hides it and the neckline shape is not affected.

Fabric and pattern given to me, everything else from my stash. 


jenny_o said...

How cute! I've always loved peasant style tops. So easy to wear and they feel pretty.

Hey, the price was right, too :)

Lisa said...

This style is always cute, and you made it so cheaply! Good job.

Beth said...

You did a great job!!


Thanks as always, for stopping in and encouraging me!

Polly said...

How adorable and perfect for fall. I love this type of top--it seems so comfy and casual, yet still pretty. Nice job!

Sarah Barry said...

super CUTE!

A said...

I love the keyhole! It and the bright button seem the perfect touch to finish it all off.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

THe shirt is so cute.. Love the plaids.. And daughter looks so adorable in it.