Monday, March 6, 2023

Two Patchwork Pillows

I have been sitting in my bed more this winter - drinking tea, reading, journaling, you know, cozy things. In the past my whole house was a quiet sanctuary when the children were in bed, but these big beautiful children have independent social lives now and sometimes it takes place right in our house.


Which is good! Hilarious! But not quiet.

So I made myself a patchwork pillow to sit against the headboard and in the magic surprise of patchwork, I adore it. Restful yet not at all bland.

I limited myself to using my small scraps, which makes me extra-proud of my results. I used an extra throw pillow we had around, so I didn't have to buy anything at all for this project. This butterfly quilt was made by Grandma Weaver and I adore it.

I also saw the end of the patchwork living room sofa pillow. It stood up bravely to pillow fights (big kids!) and mending, but it was too worn for more mending. I took the zipper out and used it again. For the last year or so, I have been pretty determined to sew down my stash, but I had a vision for deep purple in some way for this pillow and no fabric to assist me. The striped fabric I found for pennies at the local creative reuse store is delightful in my living room. I pieced it with red and lavender and then I felt led to put baby rick rack on some stripes too. Patchwork magic again! I am thrilled. I am less fond of the other side, but have moved on to other things. 


e said...

Both pillows are lovely! I can see the one on your bed encouraging you to stay put.

I am also striving to use only the fabric that I already have. I won't run out for years... lol. I was really proud of myself the other day. I was in a thrift store and did NOT buy a bundle of scrap quilting material. It was a close call!

Your older two kids are so big now! Life really does change when they are teenagers, doesn't it?

Laurie L said...

I'm also spending more time upstairs for same reason.

BLD in MT said...

Huzzah for carving out a new place of solitude! Isn't it interesting how homelife evolves? Rooms and vibes shift and ebb and flow. For different reasons, since were sans-kiddos, Matt and I have been trying to re-envision our spare bedroom/library in a more productive fashion. Perhaps moving the puzzle table up there or something. I'd like to reclaim it as my sewing room, but am not sure it could still double as a spare bedroom then. Anyways, things are always in flux as seasons of life continue to march forward. I'm sure having such "big beautiful children" in your home makes that even more evident.

Well done on the pillows (and the stash-busting initiative). It was wonderful to see your smiling face. Have a lovely week, Margo.

jen said...

They both look awesome �� ����������������
I’m trying to use stuff up at my house too����

Marisa said...

Hello! This makes me remember how much I like rickrack and how little of it is in my life. I must remedy that! Thanks for the reminder!

Margo said...

E, proud of you for sticking to your goal! It makes my life easier when I don't even SEE the fabric for sale, haha.

Beth, yes, homelife is a funny thing. A long time ago I used to be a move-the-furniture kind of person. And have not done that for years - just switching entire rooms, haha.

Marisa, rick-rack is so delightful. I have a big stash, too, and want to put it on more things.

Nancy In Boise said...

Nice job!!! Really love the one on your bed