Thursday, March 16, 2023

When the Dog Bites. . .

 I was at my friend's house recently when she needed help in a hard time and I came across a potholder in her kitchen drawer that I had made long long ago. It was a funny blast from the past, but it also made me laugh out loud because her dog had clearly tasted a corner of the hotpad. 

I asked her if I could replace the bitten hotpad with a pair that matched her new kitchen better. She said yes! 

This is now the third time I have replaced my worn-out handmade hotpads for friends - I like knowing the hotpads are worn because that is what I meant them for. Satisfying all around. 


e said...

Very satisfying! I love it when something I've made and given away actually needs to be mended. The replacement hot pads are pretty and I'm sure they'll get a lot of use.

BLD in MT said...

Used and loved and worn out!! That is the sign of a wonderful gift!! Huzzah for helping when you can and infusing the lives of others with your handmade goodness.

Nancy In Boise said...

What a great story! I love your color combinations

Anonymous said...

So nice, I love the scrap use of this (and precious projects too- my favourite kind). :)
I’m sure your friend will be so pleased.
Thanks for sharing your nice projects.