Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Green Side of the Cushion

Remember this patchwork cushion cover that I made?  I asked you to help me analyze why the one side did not look good.  You gave me some suggestions, and I ultimately added some more hand quilting.  That side was still unattractive to me, so I kept the rich red side flipped up.

Little by little, my desire grew to just replace that strange side entirely, so I began to daydream/design in off moments.

So a few weeks ago, I  was able to whip up a green patchwork square with a red corner (the color opposite of the red side).  It was so fun!  I limited myself to my small scraps, hence the piecing within the strips where I sometimes stirred in another harmonious fabric.

Then I took apart the cushion cover and put in the new one.

I love the results.  It makes me happy just to look at the cushion, either side!


Alica said...

I like it! I went back to the old post, and I actually love the side that you didn't like!! Isn't it interesting how we all have different tastes? You inspire me to get to sewing. I recently got a small replacement part for my sewing machine, so now the presser foot stays in place. Now the tension is messed up though...guess I'd better pull out the manual and try to figure it out!

jenny_o said...

Oh, it's gorgeous! And I thought I wasn't a fan of green ... but this is just right, with the red square in the corner. Just one question, how are you managing this with three children (one very small) JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS?!

Margo said...

jenny_o, I made the cushion cover a few weeks ago and just got around to blogging it now. Plus, we keep the Christmas stuff to a minimum. I'm busy, yes, but when something Christmassy is making me feel crazy, I axe it or delegate a normal job instead.