Friday, June 7, 2013

Banana Milk

Once upon a time, I had overripe bananas on the counter.  I was planning to give milk to the children at breakfast anyway, so I just blendered the bananas in the milk.  I put it in cups with straws which makes my children deliriously happy. 

I was pleased to have an easy, nutritious breakfast drink.  Sometimes I use kefir or yogurt instead of milk.  It's a nice way to tempt lagging appetites in a heat wave as the cool drink slurps down so easily. Also, you can toss overripe bananas directly into the freezer and they could be used in this drink or in baked goods. 

I used to think smoothies needed 10 ingredients, 1 of them kale, and at least 5 others bought at the health food store. I'm not fond of a smoothie as a meal (I like chewing), so I serve banana milk as the fruit and dairy in the menu. 

To wit:

banana milk
peanut butter toast

banana milk
French toast (pictured above is pb&j French toast)

banana milk
muffin (lemon poppyseed, oatmeal blueberry, rhubarb, etc.)


  1. Here, that's called a banano licuado. We had leftover mashed bananas and milk after Wednesday's baking, so the teachers made licuados. Only difference, they add tons of sugar.

    I'm with you: I like chewing.

  2. My kids love smoothies. The simpiler the better. Nutritious and good!

  3. I haven't been able to get into smoothies much either, but this looks delicious.

  4. Perfect! I'll do this next time I have over-ripe bananas. They boys'll love it : )

  5. It has taken me too many years to realize it, but I have finally figured out that recipes and patterns and directions of all kinds are not set in stone :) Yay for simplicity! Yay for substitution! Yay for following your instincts!

    I like chewing, too. Although sometimes a liquified meal is nice to have, like when you have a really sore throat. And, another use for overripe bananas? Mash and add to pancake batter. It sweetens and tenderizes without sugar or (much) oil added.

  6. Yummy, I love bananas and this was a good way to use the overripe bananas..
    I bet you could blend these and put in the freezer and make slushie on a hot day.. it would be so refreshing..
    thanks for sharing.

  7. I always added a bit of vanilla to it when I made it for my boys when they were still at home.
    Yesterday I used up a cup of strawberries that have been hanging around a bit too long. I just blended it with half milk, half water. Better and healthier than strawberry Quik, or "pink milk" as we called it. Delicious!


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