Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two Weeks of Collecting Sugar Snaps

Finally, all our little handfuls of sugar snap peas added up to a meal.  I made chicken and dumplings to carry a meal to my in-laws and work at some food in the freezer - surprise! a little cranberry applesauce was in there, too!

Just lightly steamed, with a little salt.  Delicious.

We planted the peas at the end of March and for the first time this year, we used pea fence for them to climb on.  It worked well, and we'll do that again.

I don't know if we'll get more peas or not, but we already planted the beans between their rows, so it's okay if the peas' time is over.  I feel quite clever, starting the beans in there like that.  Next year, I'm going to plant the lettuce around the peas - got that tip from a farmer at market.  How kind of the country farmers to help the urban gardeners manage their tiny space!


  1. It's so exciting when there is enough home-grown for a meal!
    Congratulations on the pea feast.
    I am growing lettuce at the base of my peas as well, in our southern winter. it will be early spring before we get to eat them, though.

  2. Oh, I pulled and pulled and PULLED weeds around my peas this afternoon. I spread straw all over the exposed dirt so, it is to be fondly hoped, I don't have to do it again.

  3. You are SO far ahead of us in the season. People here do not dare plant until after the full moon in June (there is often frost at the full moon). Good luck with your garden; such a good idea to plant things together that mature at different times.

  4. Looks yummy.. We got squash out of our garden.. It was so good.. We have snap beans almost ready to pick.. can't wait..

  5. So nice to have a vegetable garden. I wish to have one, but living next to a canyon with wild animals (especially deer), our backyard plants are all eatend by them (unless I make a big fence which is not so appealing)... I'm really jealous of your homegrown veggies!

  6. Very cool tips to be had from those clever farmers! Very clever you to be double planting! Glad you're enjoying your peas!! We didn't grow any sugarsnaps this year, but the "eatin' peas," as Matt calls them, are filling out in their pods very quickly. Creamed potatoes and peas are in our near dining future, hooray!


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