Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Dinner: Vichysoisse

I didn't look at a screen the entire week I was at the beach - how odd and how refreshing.  But now I'm back with lots to record!  I already enjoyed a nice visit on your blogs when I got home.

I'm beginning to think many things are easier in winter - it's so cozy to cook up big, heavy meals and welcome the stove heat.  Now in the summer, what should we eat?  I don't like the feeling of perpetual snacking.  I've been browsing through my vintage cookbooks for ideas - after all, these people did not have air conditioning either and most of them wore many more layers than us. 

I've been making extremely simple meals, always with a chilled element and some straight up summer bounty.

Sunday's meal was no different:

biscuits and butter
yellow grape tomatoes
fresh peach and blueberry pie

Saturday:make biscuits (bake them with the bread and granola - if I'm going to turn on the oven, I'm going to fill that baby up)
make Vichysoisse
make peach pie (using previously baked crust from the freezer)

Sunday noon:
snip some parsley for the Vichysoisse
wash the tomatoes
set the table
warm the biscuits in the toaster oven

The Vichysoisse (first time I've made it, had it) was good, but I wasn't wowed.  I did add some dill, and then the snipped parsley. 

Also, I really do keep my oven filled if I have to turn it on for something.  I'll roast some vegetables, even if I don't have an immediate plan for them - better to prep them now when the oven is on and have another meal option in the fridge. 

Or the tart crust - I have 4 pie pans, enough that I can bake a double batch and stick one in the freezer without missing the pan.  And it was easy as pie (ha!) to slice the peaches, make a quick sauce, and plop it all in the frozen crust to chill for Sunday.

I was baking bread for general eating, but also to make pretty sandwiches for a party - I'll get that post up this week.


Deanna Beth said...

Your table looks pretty in the bottom picture and I love the softness of the colors in the one of Ben at the top.

Sylvia said...

Beautiful photos! The hat, red gloves, and a purse that closes with a defining snap (as useful as a well placed !) oh be still my heart! I hope your vacation restored and refreshed.

Unknown said...

We were away all weekend too : ) I'm still working on getting my post up. I love the children's play suits!