Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coffee Does Not Froth

As I discovered when I used the nifty little Ikea frother at the beach cottage.  Milk froths.  Right.

I was there with my beach girls. . .

reading, walking, swimming at the beach proper.

A beach girl modeling a cover-up I whipped up:  a very oversized, men's cotton shirt with white ball-fringe around cuffs and tails.  Whimsically excellent for protecting skin.  In my mind I call it a bathing chemise because that sounds whimsically retro to me - but it doesn't really describe the garment all that well.

And inspired by my Pearl Party fascinator, we all made fascinators for pennies from a creative reuse store.  I love those places!  Look at the dangling black leaves on this one.  My favorite.

We are 18 years into this summer tradition ("makes you sound old," says my husband), and this year we started nibbling at ideas for our fortieth birthday beach year.  My goodness.  Forty.


Tracy said...

Forty isn't so bad. Actually, I think this has been my best year yet!

Unknown said...

That's awesome! I love that you girls to a get-away together each year. The fascinators look great! Each one is it's own style - reflecting the person who made it ; )

Beth said...

Growing older has its benefits indeed. 18 years with special friends?! Can't beat that!

I've known my husband for, oh dear, 22 years now. How can THAT be?!

Looks like a special and memorable weekend.Glad for you.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

What a blessing... 18 precious years of friendship with some very precious girls! So happy that you had a wonderful weekend.

The professor turned 40 a few weeks ago; it's not that bad, although I must admit that I'm glad to be 5.5 years younger than him. {Smile.}