Friday, August 12, 2011

Easiest Grilled Corn on the Cob EVER

Remember when I told you how I grill corn?   Complicated and lengthy, relative to what I'm about to reveal to you.

First I thought I had discovered the easiest way:

Husk the corn down to the very last pale green slip, so the kernels are still covered, but only with one layer of husk.  Tug off what silk is sticking out the end, but no need to actually silk the ear or get all precise.

Lay the ears on a hot grill - probably medium (my grill is so old that its setting is reduced to on or off).  Turn occasionally for 20-30 minutes, keeping the grill lid closed as much as possible to help the ears steam.  But the fire will also caramelize some of the kernels through the blackened husk.  It will also singe and spark in the silks, but don't worry, nothing will come of it.

Pull back the remaining blackened husk at the table - a very messy job, clearly a family meal - and butter and salt.

My friend Crystal discovered that you can grill naked corn! Just husk the ears completely, rub or brush lightly with olive oil, and grill to your caramelization preference. Unbelievably easy! This is now how I do it.  Boiled corn, forsooth.

It can't get easier than that unless we just eat it raw and actually, my husband made a fantastic corn salad the other week with raw sweet corn.  Ben keeps asking when we're having corn salad again.  So much good summer food, so little photography and posting about it. Life before blog!

Bonus: refrigerator cheesecake and blueberries for dessert.


Jennifer Jo said...

That picture of your daughter---she looks EXACTLY like Miss Beccaboo! I did a double take!

Polly said...

That is how my husband grills corn too--straight up, no fuss! So good.

Leila said...

Seriously, I don't even put oil on it. My son, however, brushes it with coconut cream (the real stuff but they live in Asia) and that is awesome.

BLD in MT said...

Life before blog. I like that so very much. That is how I feel about my blog too. There is tons of things that never make it on there because I am too busy living it!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

We've eaten a lot of corn this summer but so far I haven't grilled any of... intimidated, I suppose. You've help to banish my fears. I'll be grilling us some corn very soon. Some sliced tomatoes to go with it will be nice.